Friday, February 5, 2016

Kid's Fashion Portraits: Max & Taylen

   Back in 2012, when 6:12 Photography was just beginning to become official and I was branching out into the realm of portraits and fashion, I invited my childhood best friend to do a test shoot. Growing up together and being nominated as "Best Dressed" by our peers in the Class of 2003, Erin Croley White and I have always had a passion for fashion and the arts.

   Three years later, while my career in photography has opened up the doors to some incredible opportunities, I still get a call during the holiday season from Erin, who wants to schedule her family portraits. This year, Erin asked me to spend a little time shooting the kids individually, and she requested that we try to create something "high fashion." 
   After spending some time with her children, Taylen and Max, it was clear to me that both of them have the same photogenic presence in front of the camera as their mother. 

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