Thursday, April 14, 2016

MUA Missy Young: The Top 29 Countdown

   When your best friend / business partner / favorite makeup artist has a birthday, that means it's time to take a trip down memory lane to honor her. So this countdown is for you, MUA Missy Young.
   #29. It all started with a Facebook message, a little time for an opportunity to present itself, and a fashion photo shoot in the fall of 2013 with local boutique, Kelley Marie Chic Boutique. Everything else is history.
Model: McKenzie M.

   #28. After that, things got a little bloody, when we invited some Carson-Newman students to a Halloween photo shoot, with lots of blood, vampires, witches and werewolves.

Model: Billy M.

   #27. After our first official success with mixing college students with makeup artistry, Missy and I realized that we both had an interest in high fashion and an inspiration from hit tv series America's Next Top Model led us to "The Paint Shoot."

Model: Jonathan C.

   #26. The high fashion continued when we realized that we could enhance our work by teaming up with local designers, Kelly Jones of Shadow Oak Maille and Diane Corey of KC Leatherwerks to put their steampunk and futuristic looks on men for the first time.

Models: Connor G., Billy M. & Eric C.

   #25. Spring arrived, and we connected with local florist, The Blossom Shop to create "The Flower Shoot," combining Missy's makeup artistry with fresh, brightly colored flowers.

   #24. We enjoyed the flowers so much that it led to "The Flower Shoot: Part 2" at the local art building, Rose Center. 
Model: Madison D.

   #23. Our creativity kept us constantly tossing around new ideas for shoots, and the phone call sessions for brainstorming and detail-planning began. Our next major shoot together was the Greek Mythology Shoot, bringing to life the mythical creatures and gods of Greek Mythology.  This is when I learned that, not only could Missy do makeup, but she could also create looks and props for our shoots. The feathered headpiece was made completely from scratch by Missy herself to give Athena, goddess of war the perfect look. 

Model; Hilary M.

   #22. That summer, in August 2014, Missy and I took our talent on the road. We collaborated with designer Eric Ducharme of The Mertailor to do something incredible on Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington, North Carolina --- we brought a mermaid to life.

This would be the first of many shoots with the talented Eryn C.
   #21. When September 2014 rolled around, we were back to painting fingernails again and bring high fashion makeup artistry to two new models --- Jake and Julian. These two guys would later become part of 6:12 Model Management.

Model: Julian S.

Model: Jake W.

   #20. The following winter, Missy proved her talent once again when she found a way to make it snow--- even when snow wasn't in the forecast. This was the beginning of our "Once Upon A Time" collection.

Model: Eryn C.

   #19. In early 2015, Missy was selected by super model Tyra Banks herself to be part of Tyra's official team of makeup artists across the country. As part of the process for introducing TyraBeauty to the local community, Missy was given the task of hosting a makeup party...instead she decided she wanted to do something even bigger. That's when I received a phone call asking if I would be interested in co-hosting a local runway event --- and WERK the RUNWAY: Cycle 1 was born.

   #18. WERK the RUNWAY: Cycle 1 was a success, and it led us to realizing that we had a team of models that we worked with regularly. We wanted to make this team official so we created 6:12 Model Management --- and a new dream was born, co-owning my own agency with someone who had become my best friend. We began selecting our team members, and inviting them to join #Team612. One of our first 6:12 models was also a model from one of our first shoots together --- Jonathan C. This time, his shaved head had become a mane full of golden blonde curls. Missy demonstrated at this shoot that once again, not only could she do makeup artistry, but she could also style some high fashion hair.

Model: Jonathan C.

   #17. We had the privilege of signing beautiful Taylor M. whom we felt could be the agency's very own "Marilyn Monroe." Taylor's bubbly personality and her natural charm in front of the camera were exactly what we were looking for. She had the exact kind of personality that would allow us to fill an old bathtub full of water, turn it white with milk, and ask her to pose inside of it wearing a vintage wedding dress.

Model: Taylor M.

   #16. We worked with young Kegan W. who wanted to focus on building a modeling portfolio based around an androgynous look. After a successful shoot, Kegan also joined #Team612.

Model: Kegan W.

   #15. We watched a young ballet dancer grow as a model to become a gorgeous blonde bombshell when Kristen C. joined #Team612.

Model: Kristen C.

   #14. We recruited young Audrey R. who just happened to show up at our WERK the RUNWAY high school try-outs, even though she wasn't yet in high school. Her height and her personality quickly earned her a spot on #Team612.

Model: Audrey R.

   #13. We still managed to work with the boutique that brought us together, doing photography and makeup at the spring and fall fashion shows by Kelley Marie Chic Boutique...


   #12. ... and we also began connecting with other local boutiques and designers to recruit new looks on the runway for WERK the RUNWAY: Cycle 2. This editorial shoot for a local boutique gave us the opportunity to invite sexy Kelsea L. to join #Team612.

Model: Kelsea L.

   #11. By fall of 2015, 6:12 Model Management had a team filled with some of the strongest models in the East Tennessee area...

Models: Taylor, Jonathan, Daniel, Kristen, Kelsea & Tanner

   #10. On September 26, WERK the RUNWAY: Cycle 2 became our second successful runway event, bringing in a larger audience and an upgraded atmosphere for the runway at our local Morristown Country Club.

   #9. After that, things got bloody again, because well, it's just so much fun creating all that fake blood to throw on our models. Missy proved that she has mastered the craft of Halloween makeup artistry and we took it to a whole new "American Horror Story" level.

Model: Josh Y.

   #8. November was when Missy and I were bitten by the travel bug --- or I guess you could say when we discovered the idea of a working road trip. So we packed our bags and equipment and drove all night to Miami Beach, Florida where we worked with some incredible talent like Dustin McNeer from hit tv series America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 and collaborated with one of the leading international agencies in the world, NEXT Models. 

Models: Claudia L. & Michael Y.

    #7. Once we realized that we could handle the long overnight drive to Miami, it seemed like the perfect time to plan the #612RoadTrip. In January 2016, Missy and I set off across the country on a 10-day trip from Tennessee to California, with stops in Dallas, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, southern Utah, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Missy and I on the road to Monument Valley, Utah

   #6. In Dallas, Missy had the chance to work with an agency that I've teamed up with for several years --- Silver Model Management, the leading fitness model agency in the country. Our shoot with handsome Sean Alexander soon led to a book cover deal featuring a photo that both Missy and I were part of creating. 

Model: Sean A.

   #5. In Los Angeles, among the bright colors of Venice Beach, Missy and I worked with fashion model, Eric Stanton and introduced the West Coast to #Team612.

Model: Eric S.

    #4. For Valentine's Day 2015, we spent a day transforming sexy 6:12 model, Haley Bohon into our version of the Queen of Hearts. We just can't get enough of "fairy tale meets fashion."

Model: Haley B.

   #3. Although it's a much shorter drive from home, Missy and I began making road trips down to Asheville, North Carolina --- where we collaborated with amazing designer, Charles Josef (who has been part of WERK the RUNWAY since it's inception) and we had the opportunity to meet and work with sexy Enrico Ravenna of Elite Models Miami. 

Model: Enrico R.

   #2. This Spring, Missy was overjoyed to introduce the next generation of her family to the modeling/photography industry when her oldest son, Brian showed an interest in modeling. 

Model: Brian Y.

    #1. That brings us to the present... Missy and I have just finished our third successful high fashion runway event, WERK the RUNWAY: Cycle 3 with a sold-out crowd, a unanimous response that the event continued to get "bigger and better every time," and a community excited about a Cycle 4 in the future. In addition to a success runway event, Missy and I also managed to combine fashion with a strong message to raise awareness for the anti-bullying movement through our finale titled "Words CAN Hurt Me."

Model: Audrey R,

   Missy, I look back on everything that we've accomplished together, and I wonder how in the world I got lucky enough to have you stumble into my life and decide to stick around. I've seen your talent grow from good to great to one of the leading makeup artist's in this part of the country. I can't wait to see where you end up, because I've learned that there's nothing you can't achieve when you decide you want it. Fingers crossed, wherever you end up in your journey as MUA Missy Young, I hope that 6:12 Photography is standing next to you. :) I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Happy Birthday to my business partner, my best friend and my official 6:12 makeup artist!!!

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