Friday, August 30, 2013

Beach Portraits: Matt - Preview

I enjoyed doing a shoot with Matt at sunset on Wrightsville Beach. He definitely has the A&F look working for him, and he brought a lot of personality and humor to the shoot. Here's a sneak peek from the shoot...

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Athletic Portraits: Lucas - Set 3

Here's the last set of photos from my shoot with college athlete, Lucas Fishman. 

A former team captain and linebacker for the Trojans at Morristown West High School, Lucas is now playing football as a linebacker for the Carson-Newman Eagles. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Beach Portraits: Clark - Set 2

   During my vacation in Wilmington, I did a shoot at Wrightsville Beach with Clark, a UNCW grad student. The waves and the sand made a perfect setting for the shoot since Clark is currently working on his master's degree in marine biology. 

   Born and raised in San Diego, California, Clark loves the ocean and he's happy that his profession will require him to work near it. Some of his favorite activities involve being near the ocean, whether he's relaxing on the shore, swimming, scuba diving deep below the surface, spear fishing, or kayaking. 

   While studying abroad in Brisbane, Australia, Clark participated in a lot of field research by the ocean. That experience strongly influenced his decision to pursue a future in marine biology. Nudibranchs (or sea slugs) are some of his favorite animals to study, because they can have a lot of different shapes and colors, as well as interesting defenses that protect them from predators. Clark hopes to continue on and earn a Ph.D. in the field and eventually pursue a job in academia that involves a mix of teaching and research. 

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