Thursday, June 13, 2013

Next To Nothing (N2N) Fashion Show Preview - Brigid KO Designs

   Local artist and designer, Brigid Oesterling of Brigid KO Designs will be showing at tonight’s Next To Nothing (N2N) Fashion Show in Knoxville. Be prepared for something artistic and unlike any other piece in the show when Brigid’s design appears on the runway.

Model: Erin S.

   With environmentalist roots, Brigid Oesterling takes a unique approach to fashion by incorporating her interest in using recycled materials in her artwork. Studying ceramics, sculpture and painting in college, Brigid has always been creating in one form or another. “About six or seven years ago, I started sewing with paper, plastics and other non-traditional sewing materials,” she explains. “One day, I was throwing out the inner tube from a motorcycle tire, and I realized what a beautiful, leather-like material it is.” The recognition that each tube is unique with its own markings, stamps, patches and rust eventually led Brigid to the creation of her first motorcycle inner tube corset that she wore to a fundraising event.  

   “I like to think of my work as incorporating a variety of elements, so the looks are sculptural and sensual,” says Brigid. She wants her designs to invoke a unique meshing quality that includes retro sexploitation and fetishism, as well as elegance and a clean, futuristic feeling. “I like clean lines, and I love subtle details,” she explains. Brigid takes extra time to do detailing like beadwork or leatherwork, and she pays close attention to texture. “I think that adds a unique contrast to the rawness of the materials, especially the inner tubes,” says Brigid. 

   Brigid realizes that the use of rubber and eroticism in her designs may not fit everyone’s taste, but she is working on some ways to make her looks more accessible to a larger audience. She says that many of her models or viewers feel that they couldn’t wear her designs, but she believes that statement to be untrue. “Over and over again, I have dressed all kinds of people in my clothing, and they all have a transformation,” says Brigid. “They come to the realization of ‘Oh yeah, I look good in this.’” That’s what she loves about her work. 

   “Fashion can be art,” Brigid explains. “With clothing, you can create a mood or a character, and I love the idea that you can transform yourself.” Her designs seem to instill confidence, sex appeal and boldness. She gets excited for people when they try on her clothing, because it allows them to change their mood and persona. “I’ve seen it happen before my eyes, when someone puts on one of my pieces,” she says. 

   If you’re interested in learning more about Brigid KO Designs, take a look at her websites at or, or you can email her directly to discuss a special custom order. “I love collaborating with clients and creating a couture piece,” says Brigid. 

   The Next To Nothing (N2N) Fashion Show is happening on Thursday, June 13th at 8:30 PM at Club NV in Knoxville's Old City. This event is part of Knoxville PrideFest, and it's their biggest fundraiser of the year. Along with an incredible fashion show, there will also be an auction where you can purchase the designs seen on the runway. For more information about the Next To Nothing Fashion Show, check out the website (, Facebook (, and Twitter (@KnoxvillePride). 

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