Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Next To Nothing (N2N) Fashion Show Preview: Marek+Richard Underwear Co.

   Marek+Richard Underwear Co. has a simple mission: to offer affordable, American-made knitwear through concept-inspired collections. “We believe that the right pair of undies has the ability to alter your mood, so don’t be surprised if you feel fun and sexy while wearing Marek+Richard merchandise,” says Robbie Richard, co-founder and Design Director at Marek+Richard Underwear Co. 

Model, Albert D.

   Based in Dallas, Texas and founded in April of 2011, Marek+Richard Underwear Co. is the result of a collaborative effort between Neil Marek and Robbie Richard. The two co-founders, who met while pursuing an education in fashion and merchandising, decided to create a men’s underwear brand during the development of their senior collections at the University of North Texas. They both felt that men’s underwear would be a fun and unique apparel category in which to launch their brand. Together, Marek and Richard use their knowledge of design and extensive retail experience to create their own personal vision for men's undergarments and casual sportswear.

Model, Cameron R.

   “We gather most of our inspiration for the line from runway trends, pop culture, music, and street fashion,” explains Robbie Richard. However, fabric selection also plays a large part in their design process. “Sometimes a fabulous print or color can lead you in an unexpected direction, which can be especially exciting,” he adds. Within the Marek+Richard line, there are multiple collections, each one with its own concept and inspiration. The latest collections “Gameboyz” and “Tropicool” were inspired by vintage arcades, the gaming culture and Caribbean vacations.

   Sex appeal is important, but Marek+Richard always like to incorporate a “funky fresh attitude” when developing the concept for each collection of undies. “Comfort is also crucial when designing a garment that holds in the family jewels,” says Richard. “Therefore all of our underwear features a contoured pouch, which pulls the boys front and forward giving you more room where it counts.”

Model, Cody F.

   Marek+Richard Underwear Co. offers a wide variety of styles from jocks to long johns. “We want to appeal to as many undie fans as possible,” says Richard. “We believe that Marek+Richard is for any guy who likes to have fun with their underweardrobe.” That’s his word for a guy’s wardrobe of underwear. 

   While their underwear is designed for every man, Marek+Richard definitely believes in supporting the gay community. “After all, what men’s designer underwear label doesn’t owe its success to the patronage of gay customers?” explains Richard. In fact, they’ll be showing their support on the runway at Knoxville’s Next To Nothing (N2N) Fashion Show on June 13. You can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll see undies from the latest Marek+Richard collections: “Gameboyz” and “Tropicool”.  The show will include a special treat from Marek+Richard, because the models will also be wearing looks from the not-yet-released Naughtycal collection. This collection, based on a fun twist of traditional nautical themes, will be available online coming up in July. “We hope you enjoy the sneak peek,” teases Richard.

Model, Ian R.

   Robbie Richard also has some words of wisdom for any newbies at the N2N Fashion Show who are just getting their feet wet in the world of designer underwear. “If the standard multi-pack of Hane’s no longer fits the bill, and you want to buy your first set of big boy panties, I say why not just jump into the deep end,” says Richard. “Be adventurous and try some of the more extreme styles such as our jocks or backless briefs, because it’s a great way to break the ice and get started on your new undie collection.” However, if you’re still a bit timid and feel the need to dip in one toe at a time, there is certainly nothing wrong with trying out the Marek+Richard classic brief cut with a contoured pouch. “If you’ve never worn a pair with a contoured pouch, trust me, it’ll change the way you think about men’s underwear,” he adds. 

   If there’s something on the runway that you feel you just have to add to your “underweardrobe,” Marek+Richard merchandise is sold online at and they’re also carried at retailers in cities across the U.S., including Dallas, New York City, and Los Angeles. If you’d like to learn more about Marek+Richard, check them out on Facebook (, Twitter (, Tumblr (, or Instagram ( 

Model, Tommy W.

   The Next To Nothing (N2N) Fashion Show is happening on Thursday, June 13th at 8:30 PM at Club NV in Knoxville's Old City. This event is part of Knoxville PrideFest, and it's their biggest fundraiser of the year. Along with an incredible fashion show, there will also be an auction where you can purchase the designs seen on the runway. For more information about the Next To Nothing Fashion Show, check out the website (, Facebook (, and Twitter (@KnoxvillePride). 

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