Friday, September 13, 2013

Beach Portraits: Remington Jay - Set 1

   I did a shoot with model Remington Jay on Wrightsville Beach at sunrise. The crisp sand, the rolling waves, and the glow of the rising sun created the perfect setting for shooting with Remington, a surfer and fitness competitor. 
   Born in Boca Raton, Florida, Remington was raised in Australia until he was ten years old. He's no stranger to a surfboard or the ocean. While in Australia, surfing and the beach were a big part of his life. "Learning to surf wasn't easy," says Remington, "but it's something that you just have to keep at, because when you get that first great ride, there is no better feeling." His advice to anyone who's interested in learning to surf is to find a board that's right for your size and just go for it. "Keep at it and you won't regret it when you finally get up." 
   Currently, he calls Wilmington, North Carolina his home, while he completes his studies at UNCW, double majoring in Finance and Communication Studies. When he's not studying or working, Remington competes in bodybuilding competitions in the physique division. "Working out and dieting has become my life so I can be a fierce competitor in my work and in my competitions," he says. 
   Remington goes through two phases in the year for his dieting and training.  "For the summer, I will cut down and do my competitions, but in the winter I do a bulking diet so that I can grow as much as possible for the next year," he explains. Beginning his bulking phase now, Remington's diet includes high amounts of complex carbs, good fats, and a lot of protein. He's also working out five to six times a week and then doing cardio three times a week. 
   "My advice to anyone trying to get into shape or even just a little healthier would be to not waste another second," says Remington. "Don't start tomorrow, or Monday, or next week, start now." He has experienced the positive effects of eating right and staying active. "I would say that every single aspect of my life has improved since my levels of fitness and health improved," he says. "Not to mention, you can add about ten years to your life." 
   As far as goals, Remington won't stop until he can take home the 1st place trophy at the Golds Classic Bodybuilding Competition. In fitness, he would love to compete at the pro level. As a model, he simply wants to keep networking and pushing forward. 
   You can keep up with Remington and his journey in modeling and fitness competitions by following him on Facebook ( and Instagram (Remington_J). You can also check out more of his modeling photos by visiting and 

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