Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall Portraits - Jake H.

With the leaves changing colors, daylight growing shorter and the weather turning cold, it's the perfect time to post the portraits from my fall shoot with Jake. As we planned and prepared for the shoot, Jake expressed that he really wanted the photos to capture his personality, authentically and naturally. This request helped us decide on Local Honey as the location for the shoot. Local Honey is a locally-owned clothing boutique in the Belmont area of Nashville and a place that Jake visits often, for clothes and to catch up with his friends who own the store. 
   Throughout the course of the shoot, I discovered a lot about Jake, as he shared with me his own personal journey, the insights of what he finds important in life, and glimpses of his quirky sense of humor. Jake is well-traveled, eager to take on new adventures and excited by the experience of meeting people and cultures who differ from himself.  Among the highlights of his travels are cliff walks in Lagos, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, getting lost in Tokyo and Hong Kong, dancing in a rainstorm in the sands of the Sahara Desert, and a White Christmas in Paris and Zurich. He's interested in everything, yet disinterested quickly. Jake is southern to the core, but over it and ready to head west and call California his new home. 
   When it comes to fall fashion, one thing is definitely obvious - Jake loves boots. He believes that finding clothes that fit perfectly are hard to find. With that in mind, he says, "I hold on to clothes for a very long time and mix seasons, years and genres." He admits that he used to dress preppy, but now he's only interested in wearing pieces that fit, despite how hard they may be to find.
   Here's a look at our shoot...

Special thanks to the owners of Local Honey for allowing us to use your boutique as the location for our shoot. Perfect spot for capturing Jake's personality!

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