Friday, March 14, 2014

Portraits: David S.

   A few weeks ago, I did a shoot with fitness buff, David Saroka. Originally from Groton, New York, David moved south for a little while to attend Carson-Newman University, where he earned his bachelor's degree in physics. He's now back up in New York, working on graduate school and his goal of becoming a physics professor.

   Fitness has always been a huge part of his life. "I grew up playing sports, but I didn't fall in love with lifting until I was in the Marines," says David. While in college, the structure of a lifting routine helped him focus in all aspects of his life and also provided a positive stress outlet. "Weightlifting allows me to unload my stress and focus on self improvement, both physically and mentally," he explains. Throughout his undergraduate studies, David would record his physics lectures and listen to them while he worked out.
   "There are two things about physical training that I emphasize to people," says David.  The first thing is that the gym isn't where you go to build muscle; it's where you go to break down muscles. "Everything that you do outside the gym is what builds muscle, like eating, supplements and sleep," he explains. The second thing is that fitness isn't a goal; it's a lifestyle. "You have to workout with purpose," says David. "You have to be dedicated with when you eat, what you eat, what supplements you take, and when you take them." He wants those interested in physical training to know that it takes dedication, determination and focus to be successful.
   As for his regular workout routine, David normally lifts six days a week and rests on Sundays. If he works out at all on Sundays, he just does core. For his morning routine (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), David just started doing calves, core and cardio. In the afternoons (Monday through Saturday), he does muscle groups depending on the day.
   When I asked about his diet, David admits that he normally eats very healthy, which includes copious amounts of a variety of vegetables, lean meats and complex carbs. "Then I also have a routine of supplements, and I absolutely love muscle pharm," he adds.
   David was a blast to work with during our photo shoot. You may also recognize him as one of the models covered in paint from my Paint Shoot at Carson-Newman.
   Here's some of the best shots from my shoot with David...

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