Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fitness Portraits: Chasen I.

Take a moment to check out the best photos from fitness shoot with Chasen Igleheart.

   Although he's originally from Kentucky, Chasen now calls Nashville his home. He graduated from Western Kentucky University in 2013, and he is now pursuing a career in museum education and non-profit development. His hobbies include sports and using his hands; Chasen also admits that he's obsessed with science and nature.

   Obviously, Chasen is no stranger to weightlifting and exercise. "Staying in shape is a lifetime commitment to health and discipline," says Chasen. His workout is everyday. He divides it into a 3-day cycle of chest/shoulder day, back day and leg day, then repeat. At the end of each daily workout, he also includes some cardio. "As far as diet goes, I just eat," explains Chasen. "I try and keep it simple with lots of vegetables and fruits with lean meats like turkey and salmon."

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