Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fitness Portraits: Joshua Scott Brown

Here's the best shots from my recent shoot with fitness model, Joshua Scott Brown. We started out the shoot with some outdoor photos in downtown Knoxville (where Joshua was greeted with a paparazzi of locals snapping pics on their phone while he modeled) and then we finished up in the studio.

Joshua is originally from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, but he has moved around a lot since he turned eighteen. He did four years in the Air Force in a little town called Mountain Home in Idaho, where he worked on tactical aircraft maintenance for F-15 fighter jets. He spent the next four years studying at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Finishing up his degree in Business Administration from UT, Joshua is currently residing in Murfreesboro while he contemplates his next career move. 

Growing up, Joshua was the smallest kid in his class and in his school actually. "I was the kid that everyone picked on and got shoved in lockers, that sort of thing," says Joshua. He described himself as "quite the little fella," being only 5'9" and 105 lbs when he turned eighteen. Six years ago, Joshua decided that he was tired of being "that guy," and he set out to do something about it. 

After being pressured by friends to give modeling a try, Joshua found that he really enjoyed it. "Modeling allows me to showcase not only my physique but also my personality through the moods of my photos," explains Joshua. Currently, Joshua weighs 220 lbs and is a national men's physique competitor. "As far as modeling "Who would have thought that I'd be an athletic, confident fitness model after being that tiny, insecure nerd all of my life?" laughs Joshua. His own story of progress goes to show that if you believe it, you can achieve it. "You can make anything you set your mind to a reality if you put enough work and effort behind it," he says.

When talking about how fitness has changed his lifestyle, Joshua explained that the fitness lifestyle changes the way you think. One core aspect of that lifestyle is his diet. "I am a big believer in balance, so my diet is extremely clean about 90% of the time and the other 10% of the time I enjoy myself," says Joshua. He constantly checks nutritional facts and does his research on different types of foods to ensure that he gets the best results out of his diet. "It's a learning process though, not only about the foods you eat but also about how your body reacts to those foods." He generally eats about six meals a day, spaced out around every three hours or so. 

Joshua also believes that the focus shouldn't be on the supplements. "I think that many people forget what the word supplement actually means," he says, explaining that supplements are there to help and round out an already solid diet. "They can help make some great changes, but the majority of results come from the quality of food you consume consistently on a day-to-day basis." He believes in whole foods, and the majority of his protein sources come from egg whites, chicken and turkey. Post workout, he generally consumes whey protein. His source of carbohydrates comes from sweet potatoes and oatmeal for the most part, and occasionally some whole wheat bread. His fats generally come from natural peanut butter, olive oil or coconut oil. "Each day is about mixing and matching those foods," says Joshua.  He has taken a variety of supplements on the market, but they are never the primary force behind his diet. 

Joshua's typical workout routine consists of five days per week with two rest days. "I work each muscle group typically once, but I will sometimes double-up depending on how that muscle group is responding throughout the week," explains Joshua. "Additionally, he's a firm believer in cardio because it helps with the diet and also keeps his heart nice and healthy. "It's a healthy inside and out concept with me," he says. Overall, his typical routine includes weight training for about an hour and around twenty minutes of cardio.

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