Thursday, October 23, 2014

6:12 Cover Reveal --- "Metanoia" by Author Kellie J. Coakley

6:12 Photography is excited about partnering with author Kellie J. Coakley to provide the cover image for her upcoming novel, Metanoia. The cover image from 6:12 features two models, Matt Palumbo and Kelsea Lawson in a sexy embrace. The shoot took place in New York City's High Line Park.

Here's a brief interview with author K. J. Coakley to get the scoop behind this upcoming novel:

6:12 Photography : What can readers expect from this new novel? 

KJ Coakley : Metanoia takes us deeper into the ancient prophecy of the Star Child and Sulwens connections to it. We also get a peek into Logan's mind as this story is written in dual perspectives. But the best part...readers wanted to see more of the Enmortals, and in Metanoia--you get it. 

6:12 : When it comes to picking cover models, tell me what that process is like.

KJ : For me, choosing cover models was all about conveying the look and feel of my characters. 

6:12 : Why Matt? Why Kelsea?

KJ: When I saw their photos, everything just clicked together. They were perfect. 

6:12 : What is the one statement that you want this cover to say about your novel Metanoia

KJ: Fierce love. 

6:12 : I understand that we're practically neighbors. Where in Tennessee is home for you? 

KJ: Home for me is Greeneville, Tennessee.

6:12 : How long have you been writing, and where does that passion as an author come from?

KJ: I've been writing poems and short stories my entire life. Every author's inspiration comes from different sources, but mine would have to be from my love of all things extraordinary. I like creating worlds where anything is possible and my characters conform to the environment I put them in. 

6:12 : Was there a specific inspiration behind the Enmortals Series? Anything particular that put the idea for the series into your brain or got those creative juices flowing for the series?

KJ: My boys used to play a card game called Magic: The Gathering. After listening to them talk about it for months on end, I picked up the cards and looked at the characters, and brilliant world building behind the game. It sparked the idea of creating a world where those with powers lived on a parallel dimension to ours. 

6:12: Sounds like a great mix of sci-fi and romance for readers. 

If you're interested in picking up a copy of KJ Coakley's upcoming novel, Metanoia, you can pre-order your copy on Amazon at this link:

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