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6:12 Cover Reveal - "The ShortStop" by Author A. M. Madden

   6:12 Photography is excited about partnering with author A. M. Madden to provide the cover image for her new novel The ShortStop, releasing this July. The cover image features 6:12 model, Chandler holding a baseball looking intensely into the eyes of the viewer.

   Here's a brief interview with author A. M. Madden to get the scoop behind the lead character Quint and her novel The ShortStop:

6:12 Photography: Love the name of the novel. The ShortStop is obviously a clue that this story is going to involve the sport of baseball. Is there a reason that you chose baseball, or the position of the shortstop? 

A. M. Madden : Yes. Two reasons. Baseball is my favorite sport, and my favorite player was a shortstop. I always knew I wanted to write a story about baseball. I've had this one in my arsenal for almost a year.

6:12 :  What can readers expect from your upcoming release The ShortStop?

AM It's an extremely honest, emotional, and compelling read. The characters are as real as you can get, flaws and all.

6:12 : Can you give us some insight into your main character, Quint? 

AM : Quint loves with all his heart. He's had a very privileged life. With good looks, a gorgeous girlfriend, and talented as a ball player everything came easy...until it didn't. Once the bottom falls out, he loses himself and everyone around him.

6:12 : Can you tell us how 6:12's Chandler came to be your cover model for this book? Does he bring the character of Quint to life?  

AM : Well besides the obvious that he's stunning, I knew the second I saw him he'd be perfect. I actually saw Chandler's picture in your 6:12 Photography group. He stopped me in my tracks. I knew immediately he was my Quint. As you know, I tracked you down, and the rest is history.

6:12 : What is the one statement that you wanted this cover and the model to convey about Quint or about your novel?

AM : Everything about Quint is intense. He loves hard, plays hard, and falls hard. 

6:12 : So, now that we know a little about his character, you know I'm dying to ask if you can share a sneak peek from the book about Quint?

AM : Well... I think I could do that. Here's a little teaser to tide you and all the readers over until the book is released.

Meet The Shortstop, Quint Lawson...

Baseball is part of his soul, like the blood in his veins. It’s his purpose. You can see it emanating from him as clear as day, an unmistakable aura. It’s orgasmic to watch him play, and it’s one of my favorite things to do. He looks so damn hot in his tight white baseball pants. Even from a distance, you can see the sinew of every muscle in his long legs as he flexes before making a play. He commands his shortstop position with authority. I sit gawking at my guy just like every other female in this stadium is doing at the moment. His smile lights up his whole face. He laughs with his teammates as if this were just any other ordinary weekday game...

The pitcher watches his catcher flash signs. Quint watches the batter with a trained eye. He wears his hat low over his eyes. He crouches in a wide-leg stance, waiting for that ball to head his way. It’s almost as if he’s daring the batter and the ball itself to just go ahead and try. At six foot three, his reach makes it hard to get a ball past him. I may be biased, but there isn’t a player I know that approaches a game with the same defense as Quint. Deep in concentration, he analyzes every pitch and every hit as if they’re part of a scientific equation to solve. 

Like a ballerina who knows her dance and performs it to perfectionthat is how Quint plays this game. Every move he makes is synchronized, reactive. The music that moves him comes in the form of the loud crack of a bat when it makes contact with a ball or the hissing of air as a ball shoots toward him. He makes it look artistic and choreographed. Watching my man play baseball is awe-inspiring...and hot as hell.

6:12 : So now that we know about The ShortStop, tell me a little more about you, Ann Marie. Where's home for you, how long have you been writing and where does your passion as an author come from?

AM : Home is New Jersey. I'm a Jersey girl through and through. I'm a wife, mother of two teenage boys, and a romance junkie. It's hard to still refer to myself as an author, because I'm a reader first. I worked for Izod for 24 years. When my department moved to New York, I took the package they offered and decided to turn my hobby into something more. I had already  written my first book, Back-Up. I self-published it in January 2014, and the rest is history. I pinch myself every day, and thank God every night. It's been amazing, the best part is all the amazing people that I've met in this short time.

6:12 : When can we expect The ShortStop to be released? And where can readers and fans buy their own copy?

AM : The Shortstop will be live on July 13th on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. All information will be on my website,

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