Monday, January 2, 2017

Dustin McNeer / #FitFashion - Set 2

   In October, photographer Eric McKinney of 6:12 Photography had the opportunity to shoot with ANTM supermodel Dustin McNeer for the second time. We took the shoot to Asheville, North Carolina, picking out locations all over downtown.
   Dustin McNeer was one of the Top 14 finalists competing to become America's Next Top Model on Cycle 22. Only 18 years old during the competition, Dustin was described by the show's host supermodel Tyra Banks as being a "painted" model because of his perfect chiseled looks. Dustin has modeled for Calvin Klein and Hollister, and he has appeared in various publications including Vulcan Magazine.
   Dustin brings a sense of intensity to each shot during the photo shoot, and his knowledge and professionalism as a model really shows up as he is doing his thing in front of the 6:12 lens. He knows his angles and how to pose himself for each look, and he's so easy to work with because he takes direction very well.
   Here's a second set of images from the #fitfashion looks that we worked on together.

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