Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Next To Nothing (N2N) Fashion Show Preview: N2N - Set 1

   When N2N Bodywear first hit the market, the designs were targeting guys who liked the skimpiest and sexiest swimsuits and thongs. Nowadays, the N2N collection has exploded into swimwear, loungewear, underwear and gymwear. “I dare say, there is something for everyone,” says Andrew Makay, owner and designer of N2N Bodywear.

Model: Cameron R.

   For Andrew Makay, it all began in 1987 when he was performing aboard the Rotterdam as an entertainer. “I found the hottest little bikini in Acapulco, fell in love with it and basically wore it out,” says Andrew. “I cut it apart, made a pattern, bought myself a Kenmore and the rest is history!”

   The creativity behind any new line of clothing at N2N comes from Andrew Makay’s daily life encounters. “I get inspired every day, whether it’s on the street, at the beach or at the gym,” explains Makay. “I look at clothing and, in my head, decide how I could make it better, sexier, and more flattering.” Sometimes, he also finds inspiration from fabrics. “I’ll feel a fabric, love the texture and stretch and design something that way,” he adds. He learned to think outside the box and design from the heart, instead of just echoing the latest, coolest or hippest trend. “I have an underwear fetish, so that is what inspires me,” explains Makay. “Go with what you know.”

Model: Albert D.

Model: Tommy W.

   Sex appeal plays a part in every N2N design, some more obvious than others. “My mission has always been to give guys, both straight and gay, the permission to express their sexuality the way women have been doing for years,” explains Makay. He wants his designs to show that men are no less masculine for wearing something sensual that shows off their body or makes them feel sexy. “If it makes you feel good, wear it,” he smiles. Fit, comfort and style are also at the forefront of N2N designs. When designing a new piece, if Makay doesn't like the way it feels, he changes it until he does. 

Model: Ian R.

   At this year’s Next To Nothing Fashion Show, you can expect to see a nice collection of N2N’s most current swim and underwear collection. “It’ll make a great summer fashion show, and I’m just happy to be part of an important event in an area of the country I don't get to very often,” says Makay. 

   If you spot something on the runway that you’d like to own, check out the latest N2N Bodywear designs at

   The Next To Nothing (N2N) Fashion Show is happening on Thursday, June 13th at 8:30 PM at Club NV in Knoxville's Old City. This event is part of Knoxville PrideFest, and it's their biggest fundraiser of the year. Along with an incredible fashion show, there will also be an auction where you can purchase the designs seen on the runway. For more information about the Next To Nothing Fashion Show, check out the website (, Facebook (, and Twitter (@KnoxvillePride). 

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