Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Story Behind 6:12

Back in September, when I decided to give my photography services an official name and dive into the adventure of freelance photography, I was faced with an important question--- what do I call it?

I knew that I wanted my photography’s name to include my own name, but I also wanted it to have something more, something special, something interesting. 

That’s when I decided to call it 6:12 Photography. 

Since that time, I have had many clients, friends and followers of my work ask me this question: “What does the 6:12 mean?” 

The numbers 6:12 have always had a special meaning for me.
First and foremost, they represent my birthday - June 12th. 
They have also appeared on my first license plate and as the last three digits of my cell phone number. 
More recently, around my last year of college, the numbers started showing up more randomly, as the total on fast food receipts or the numbers on the back of a Chinese fortune cookie message. I would wake up early before the alarm clock, roll over and find myself staring at 6:12am on the clock, or be driving in the evening and glance down only to notice that it was 6:12pm. 

So 6:12 eventually became my lucky number. 

By including my birthday and a special number in the name, 6:12 Photography provides an opportunity for me to share my own personal story. Ultimately, it’s a reflection of what I want my photography to do. I want my photographs to do more than just capture a single still image; I want them to tell a story. Whether it’s a ballet student who lives and breathes dance, a soon-to-be bride basking in the beauty of her dress and the excitement of her forthcoming marriage, or a handsome young man full of southern charm who’s making a name for himself as an actor and a model, I hope that my portraits are telling stories.

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