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Next To Nothing (N2N) Fashion Show Preview: The Runway Models

   Here's a sneak peek of five of the models that you'll find on the runway at this year's Next To Nothing Fashion Show in Knoxville on Thursday, June 13...

   Cameron Rogers is a local resident of Knoxville. He is currently working at Abercrombie Kids as an associate, and he plans to pursue a degree in fashion retail so that he can enjoy a job and atmosphere that he loves.  
   When it comes to having fun, Cameron enjoys singing. “I’ve been singing since I’ve been able to talk, and I’ve recently gotten into writing music,” says Cameron. “If I could ultimately pursue a career with my voice that would also be an amazing opportunity.”
   The Next To Nothing Fashion Show will be Cameron’s first time modeling. “This whole experience has definitely been something completely new to me,” says Cameron. Modeling is something that he has an interest in, and he would gladly accept the opportunity to do more of it. 
   “When it comes to underwear, I love anything that is going to hug my backside and make it look well proportioned,” says Cameron. “I also love the brief-type underwear that hug around the upper thigh, but nothing too long.” Cameron feels best in a shorter brief. “The front and back must look good no matter what,” he smiles. 
   As for the fashion show, Cameron says, “I really had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I’m beyond happy and thankful that I chose to do this.” Modeling has always been a passion for Cameron, but he has just lived it through other people. “This time, it feels like I am able to step up and show off what I have to offer,” says Cameron.  “N2N definitely gives you confidence and a sense of what modeling is all about.” He is thankful to everyone who made the opportunity possible. 
   If you’d like to find out more about Cameron, you can check him out on Facebook (, Instagram (Cameron_Cole20), and Twitter (Cameron_Cole19).

   Cody Foster is from Murphy, North Carolina. Cody graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a Masters in English, and he’s currently working as a visual and floral designer for weddings and events. 
   Cody enjoys running, working out at the gym and hiking. He’s an athlete at the core and loves most any sport, especially basketball, soccer and volleyball. When he’s using his creative side, he likes to write and experiment with art. He did photography during college and still enjoys taking photos when he has the chance. He has an adventurous personality which inspires him to go rock climbing, repelling and caving. 
   When it comes to underwear, Cody likes the look and feel of the Baskit undies. He’s excited to participate in the Next To Nothing Fashion Show this year. “The N2N fashion show is one of our biggest fundraisers enabling Knoxville to hold such a fantastic Pridefest for its size,” says Cody. He also had the opportunity to volunteer his help at the Art OUT event. 
   If you’d like to know more about Cody, you can find him on Facebook (, Instagram (romancody), and Twitter (@cody_foster). 

   Ian Robson is originally from Memphis, Tennessee, but spent the larger half of his childhood in the small town of Senatobia, Mississippi. Ian started college at the age of sixteen, studying film and English, but he’s currently working on a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology at UT-Knoxville. Although he dreams of being a screenwriter or director, he is working on becoming a dermatologist.
   When Ian is outdoors, he’s usually playing soccer, swimming, or hiking, but the creative artist within him also enjoys watching films, writing, drawing and traveling. “I have recently fallen in love with the gym,” says Ian. “I’m working toward my idea of a perfect body.”
   Ian has modeled from time to time since he turned 18. One of the highlights of modeling for him is working with photographer, Brenda LaJoan in Atlanta. “Modeling is something I have always wanted to pursue, but just never took the time to really get started in the industry,” he says. Currently, he is not affiliated with any agency, but he has an interest in doing more modeling in the near future. 
   In honor of walking in the underwear fashion show, Ian has revealed that his own personal favorite pair of underwear is Calvin Klein’s purple boxer briefs. “I am honored to participate in this years show,” says Ian. “It’s the first time I’ve ever done a runway show in my skivvies, so I am equally nervous and excited. He’s glad to be doing something that he believes is for a great cause. 
   To find out more about Ian, check out his Facebook (Ian Robson) and Instagram (@iwrobson). 

   Tommy Washington is a local resident of Knoxville, but he was born and raised in Memphis. As soon as he graduated high school, Tommy headed off to college in Milwaukee where he earned a degree in biomedical/electrical engineering. He came back to Tennessee to complete his masters in Polymer Engineering and Material Science and work on his Ph.d for a few years.
   Tommy loves sports! In college, he played basketball and ran track. Currently, he’s playing softball with Knoxville’s own Black ICE, and he would love to get back into football as well. 
   “I’ve done a few modeling gigs before but nothing serious,” says Tommy, who always modeled in 2012’s N2N Fashion Show. “I mostly do it for the experience of someone trying to make me look better than I am,” he laughs. 
   Tommy admits, “When it comes to underwear, I have a major Jockstrap fetish.” He calls it one of his weaknesses. He’s also a fan of the Baskit Wear line. “They’re soft, fit very well and don’t ride up,” he explains. Tommy feels that it’s a privilege to be asked to model for the N2N Fashion Show every year. 

   Albert Dotson is a local of Knoxville.  An entrepreneur, Albert works in the automotive industry. He feels that the Next To Nothing Fashion Show is an interesting experience to be involved with. 



   The Next To Nothing (N2N) Fashion Show is happening on Thursday, June 13th at 8:30 PM at Club NV in Knoxville's Old City. This event is part of Knoxville PrideFest, and it's their biggest fundraiser of the year. Along with an incredible fashion show, there will also be an auction where you can purchase the designs seen on the runway. For more information about the Next To Nothing Fashion Show, check out the website (, Facebook (, and Twitter (@KnoxvillePride). 

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