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Next To Nothing (N2N) Fashion Show Preview: Baskit

   In a world of black and white, Baskit invites men to live in color with confidence.  “When the Baskit brand first started, there literally was no one else in this segment offering underwear in any colors other than black, white, or grey,” says Eric Schwers, Head Baskit Maker.  A group of guys decided that they wanted underwear that comes in bold yet masculine colors. Based on the ideas of that original design team, Baskit launched their first collection in 1999 with their signature Vermillion Orange color. The rest is history. “We want our guys to feel very comfortable, both physically and mentally, when they step into our gear,” says Schwers. “But we also want to push them a bit into new colors or a different style, all with confidence.”

Model, Albert D.

   The inspiration behind Baskit designs comes from pictures, colors or sometimes even problems. “Our original JockBrief is a great example of a problem that needed a solution,” says Eric Schwers. He admits that he likes the functionality of a jockstrap and the fact that most men look great in them, but his question was whether or not anyone actually wears them. In talking with other men, Schwers discovered that men wanted more coverage up front. After those conversations, Schwers took one of the Baskit briefs and started cutting the seat up. Within thirty minutes, he had it done and a few days later, he had one of the fit models try it on. The model liked it, said it was comfortable and that he could see himself wearing it to the gym. “We made about 10,000 jockbriefs that first year and sold every one of them,” says Schwers. “Soon thereafter, the style started showing up in other designers’ collections.”

Model, Cameron R.

   Baskit wants to make underwear for all kinds of men, not just one set group of men. “We support men in all walks of life, from the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond,” explains Schwers. “At the end of the day, we’re not in the business of judging people and I don’t care who you come home to at night.”

   Baskit believes in providing a balance by offering men different styles and collections. “Some days you need to step into a pair of underwear that supports you big time, while other days you want to just relax and hang out,” says Schwers. Baskit has you covered. “We make briefs and trunks that offer amazing support but we also have a great, traditional boxer short in our Active collection that is great for those times when you just need something between you and your pants,” he explains. 

Model, Cody F.

   Baskit will be returning to Knoxville’s Next To Nothing (N2N) Fashion Show, coming up next Thursday, June 13. “We’re involved because I believe in equality for all people, and if we have to take to the streets year after year until we have it then so be it,” says Schwers. You can expect to see a good sampling of Baskit on the runway, including the Just /b/ briefs and trunks, Active Low-Rise trunks and perhaps a JockBrief. Schwers also told me that they’ve included some of Baskit’s recently launched BillyBoy collection which has a built in condom pocket and a premium German-made BillyBoy condom.

Model, Ian R.

   For anyone who’s considering buying their first pair of designer underwear, the Head Baskit Maker is offering some advice. When you go from mainstream brands to the fashion segment, you have to be aware that the fit and size changes. “The big, mass produced brands out there do not make underwear for the male anatomy,” explains Schwers. “They sew flat panels of fabric together, attach some waistband to it and slap it into a package.” The world of designer underwear, however, is about fit, function and form. “I think the biggest thing we hear from fashion underwear virgins is, ‘Wow…that’s tight,’” mentions Schwers, hoping to prepare newbies for that first pair feeling. “It can take some time to get used to wearing underwear that truly follows the shape of your body.” Schwers talks about how all the brands in the designer underwear segment follow true sizing, so you will often find yourself going up a size from what you’re used to buying. For most guys, it’s best to start off with something you know and like. “If you have always worn loose fitting boxer shorts, don’t try to pack yourself into a brief,” suggests Schwers. “Over time, as you get used to better fitting underwear, you can try other styles.”

Model, Tommy W.

   If you spot a design on the runway that you want to add to your underwear drawer, you can check out Baskit online at “Once you get your hands on our product, you’ll be hooked,” Schwers promises. Baskit aims to make some of the best quality, fashion-forward underwear, swimwear and activewear on the market. “We strive to be the brand you dig through your drawer to find,” says Schwers. For more information about the brand and their designs, check them out on Facebook (Baskit Wear) and Twitter (@baskitwear).

   The Next To Nothing (N2N) Fashion Show is happening on Thursday, June 13th at 8:30 PM at Club NV in Knoxville's Old City. This event is part of Knoxville PrideFest, and it's their biggest fundraiser of the year. Along with an incredible fashion show, there will also be an auction where you can purchase the designs seen on the runway. For more information about the Next To Nothing Fashion Show, check out the website (, Facebook (, and Twitter (@KnoxvillePride). 

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