Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The LA / Hollywood Collection: Jacqueline Alberto

Here's a look at the best portraits from my shoot with aspiring actress and model, Jacqueline Alberto in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, California.

Originally from Miami, Florida, Jacqueline has been chasing her dream of becoming an actress since she was just a child. "I was always dancing around my house as a kid and putting on shows for my parents," she explains. She didn't pick up acting until she turned 14 when she started attending a performance arts magnet school. Starting with musical theatre, Jacqueline's passion for acting began to grow. "As funny as it sounds, my inspiration to actually be a performer and entertainer came from Britney Spears," she laughs. "I was 8 years old, sitting in my cousin's room, and all of a sudden 'Baby One More Time' came on the radio and something inside me just clicked."

After she graduated college, Jacqueline decided that she was truly fascinated by the craft of acting. She wanted to learn more so she went on to further her education in Houston, Texas with a Masters degree in Acting. "From there, there was only one place left to go," says Jacqueline. She believes that she would have eventually ended up in LA regardless of what she path she took to get there. "When I landed, I knew I was meant to call this place home, and that feeling really isn't something you can plan," she says. "It's just right."

Driving from one spot to another as we picked out spots in Hollywood and West Hollywood to shoot, I learned that Jacqueline's favorite actress is Meryl Streep, something I definitely had an immediate respect for. She also mentioned that she's been inspired by Penelope Cruz and Amy Adams. "They each have such a way of captivating an audience that is so inspiring for someone like me," she says.

Jacqueline also helped explain to me the reality of chasing the Hollywood dream. "I'd be lying if I said pursing this career is easy," she says. "From the outside, it seems like anyone can make it over night, but in reality it takes many, many years of hard work and dedication; it's a marathon, not a sprint." She explained the busy double-life that she leads, working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for Kitson (a local retail store) to keep herself afloat financially and pay the bills while she's waiting for her big break. "When I'm not at the store, I'm making sure to stay busy planning for auditions or photo shoots, booking gigs where I'm on set working for most of the day, working out at the gym or brushing up on my skills," she explains. "It's non-stop, but it has to be and I like it that way." She has recently picked up a second job working for a dance company, doing international dance shows for events and parties. "Learning to juggle it all has definitely been a challenge, but in the end, it will hopefully pay off," she says with a smile.

When we were preparing for her shoot, I asked Jacqueline if she had any interest in doing a Marilyn Monroe-inspired shot or two. Jacqueline showed up with classic red heels and a sexy white dress, and she knew exactly how to channel her inner Marilyn. She's full of talent and personality, and it's those two qualities and many others that will lead her to accomplish big things for her acting career. While picking out where to shoot on Hollywood Boulevard, we passed over a few blank stars in the Walk of Fame, and I'm pretty sure one of those blanks are just holding a spot for Jacqueline in the years ahead.

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