Friday, January 2, 2015

The LA / Hollywood Collection: Jacqueline Alberto - Preview

Here's a sneak peek from my shoot with aspiring actress and model, Jacqueline Alberto in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, California.

   When we were preparing for her shoot, I asked Jacqueline if she had any interest in doing a Marilyn Monroe-inspired shot or two. Jacqueline showed up with classic red heels and a sexy white dress, and she knew exactly how to channel her inner Marilyn. She's full of talent and personality, and it's those two qualities and many others that will lead her to accomplish big things for her acting career.

   While picking out where to shoot on Hollywood Boulevard, we passed over a few blank stars in the Walk of Fame, and I'm pretty sure one of those blanks are just holding a spot for Jacqueline in the years ahead.

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