Sunday, March 24, 2013

Actor, Jared Allman

Jared Allman is an up-and-coming Indie actor from the small town of Tellico Plains, Tennessee. Although he has lived in both Knoxville and Nashville, he recently moved to Atlanta to pursue acting more diligently. 
   "My attraction to acting has always been the art of being someone else and then making people believe that's who you really are," says Jared. Acting has been one of his hobbies since childhood, and he recalls taking a special interest when he turned 19. "Growing up in the South and being Mormon, I couldn't exactly be open about my sexuality in the early years," he explains. "Early on, acting was almost like therapy because it was an escape from feeling alone and isolated."
   More recently, Jared received a GLAAD nomination for his role in the television reality series, "Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys." He is most proud of making a difference or an impact on the lives of others, especially the young LGBT community. "They're the ones that feel alone like I used to, and to get messages and email letters from them is huge" says Jared. 
   In terms of the future, Jared's goal remains the same as it has always been: to make progress and grow in the art.  He has the high hopes of being as lucky and talented as one of his favorite actors, Jake Gyllenhaal.Watching him grow as an actor over the years has been so interesting for me. I would hope to be so lucky and talented. When asked about roles that he would love to play, Jared confessed that inner nerd in himself would die for a role in a Star Trek or Star Wars film.

Bridal Portraits: Mackenzie - Preview

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