Sunday, March 30, 2014

6:12 Photography visits Wilmington, NC

6:12 Photography by Eric McKinney enjoyed a long weekend doing photo shoots in one of my favorite places - beautiful Wilmington, North Carolina and its refreshing Wrightsville Beach. Stay tuned for photos from a fashion shoot with hairstylist Steven Ward and several photo shoots on the beach.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Knoxville Fashion Week: The Chakra Collection - Set 2

Here's the final set of photos from"The Chakra Collection" at Knoxville Fashion Week 2014. The collection was created and hand-made by local Knoxville designers, Kelly Jones (Shadow Oak Maille) and Diane Corey (KC Leatherwerks).

Kelly and Diane created this collection based on the power points of the body (chakras), primarily founded in Middle Eastern religion. Each power point of the body is represented with a specific color, and for the collection, each chakra is represented by two models.

The Ego (Black)
Models: Joshua & Gabby

The collection opens with the "Ego" which is black. "It represents the human in all of us," says Diane. The black symbolizes the bad and the darkness within all of us. This look involves mirrors projecting out from a neckpiece demonstrating how the Ego sees only itself.

The Crown Chakra (Violet)
Models: Lori & Jared

"The crown chakra represents the spirit," says Diane. It's represented by a tower shape on top of the head. "We wanted to accentuate the head by using larger headpieces that extend outside of the body just like the spirit," she explains.

The Third Eye Chakra (Indigo)
Models: Trevor & Summer

"The third eye represents your insight," says Kelly. It's located a little lower on the head, focused around the eyes and the brow. The male piece has an actual third eye. "The fans splaying out around the eyes show this third eyesight," she explains.

The Throat Chakra (Blue)
Models: Kim & Drew

"The throat chakra represents the voice and the power of speaking out," says Diane. "We're letting the throat and the shoulders be a platform for the voice."

The Heart Chakra (Green)
Models: Shawn & Haley

"Green represents the heart," explains Diane, "so we wanted the looks to wrap around the model's chest from front to back, exploding and orbiting around the left side and the heart."

The Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow)
Models: Eryn & Anas

"Yellow is the Solar Plexus, which is all about your strength, your center and your energy," says Kelly. "This look was designed to originate at the center and expand across the entire body. It's all about power."

The Sacral Plexus Chakra (Orange)
Models: Robbie & Nisha
"The orange represents the sacral which is to feel," explains Diane. "It's designed to be one of the sexier pieces, showing plenty of skin." The Sacral Plexus Chakra focuses on emotions and sexuality. 

The Root Chakra (Red)
Models: Ryan & Nicole

"The Root Chakra is purely sexual and represents life, and it's another one of our sexier looks," says Diane. "The design trails down from the hips into the roots of our anatomy."

The Rainbow
Models: Rosie & Lindsey

"The Rainbow look is just a culmination of all of the chakras coming together," explains Kelly. "It represents a happy medium and a perfect balance of the chakras."

 Illumination (White) 
Models: Derek & Sha'naha

"The White represents illumination and enlightenment," says Diane. "It's the representation of the spirit leaving the world and everything within it, and becoming the pure soul at it's basic level." The male look includes wings that were crafted from leather, wire, and chainmaille, and covered in feathers.

Photography for this shoot was provided by Eric McKinney, with 6:12 Photography. Services include modeling portfolio portraits and headshots, individual/family/couples portraits, wedding, bridal and engagement portraits, athletic and dance photography, boudoir photography, and fashion/runway photography.
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These looks were seen on the runway at Knoxville Fashion Week 2014, which is sponsored by Gage Models & Talent Agency. The looks are hand-made couture pieces designed by Kelly Jones and Diane Corey.

For more info or to follow the designs of Diane Corey at KC Leatherwerks, you can find her on Facebook at or online at 

For more info or to follow the designs of Kelly Jones at Shadow Oak Maille, you can find her on Facebook at or online at

Kelly and Diane would also like to give a "Special Thanks" to:
- Ira Cooper with QED Medical for providing some LED lighting for the runway show
- Lee Hine with LED light and power
- Matt Salley with Marble City Glassworks in Knoxville for doing the colored glass pieces
- Jane Freels, seamstress.
- Amber Nichols, assembly for some designs.
- Debbie Painter, designer assistant
- Anthony Glenn Smith, intern and help assembling designs on models for runway
- Rachel Reetz, Andrew Palmer (“Toy Box”), Alexander Fraser, Valerie Fraser for the opening performance in the runway show. 
- Ashley "Ash Mac" McClanahan, Ferrari Haynes and Lori Viles, for providing makeup and body paint for the runway looks.
- Melissa Shelton for providing hairstyling for the runway looks. 

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