Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Portraits: Catwoman - Set 2

For a special Halloween shoot, Bri Dockins found the "purrrfect"costume...

Bri chose to be one of my favorite villains: Catwoman, in the style of the classic 1966 Catwoman played by Julie Newmar. As a child, the 1966 Batman (with Adam West) was one of the shows I looked forward to watching every evening after school. My favorite episodes were those when Catwoman would show up with her clever wordplays about "purrfect crimes" and "cat-aclysmic" events which were always thwarted by the Dynamic Duo. 

In the alleys of downtown Knoxville, Bri allowed her inner "feline" to come out and play. She made a perfect Catwoman, and it quickly became one of my favorite shoots. 

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Halloween Portraits: Vampires, Witches & Werewolves - Set 3

   In honor of Halloween, this shoot was about creating the looks of modern vampires, witches and werewolves. A hint of fashion, a mouthful of fangs, and a ton of "blood" helped bring this concept to life. The location of the shooting was Carson-Newman College, and the models for this shoot were incredibly talented and a blast to work with. Each model was willing to get creative, embody their character and be covered in as much "blood" as it took to get the shot. The make-up was provided by Missy Young, with Makeup Artistry by Missy. 

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