Sunday, June 23, 2013

Portraits: Trevor - Set 2

   I did this shoot with Trevor in downtown Nashville back in May. Born in Ashland City, Trevor considers his home to be Heidelberg, Germany. He's currently working in the music industry for a small start-up business. 
   A naturally outgoing person who loves to make people smile, Trevor brought a creative and artistic personality to the shoot. Through the lens, I felt that he portrayed a uniquely androgynous look. Explaining his persona during the shoot, Trevor says, "A friend of mine once told me, 'Trevor, to describe you I would say that you are masculinely feminine and femininely masculine; to describe you, you are you!'" During photo shoots, he likes to show a more masculine side but also incorporate feminine elements into the set.  "I like experimenting with different looks and styles that express the sides of me that aren't as profound as the everyday me," he says.
   "Fashion for me is a feeling expressed through clothing," explains Trevor. "Depending on my mood, I will dress differently and make a statement." Sometimes, it's a tank and jeans, while other times it's a fitted suit. "I dress to impress one person and one person only," he adds. That person is himself. 
   Enjoy these photos from our shoot...

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