Tuesday, January 28, 2014

6:12 Goes High Fashion: Male Models - Preview

I'm proud to unveil the first looks from high fashion photo shoot on January 13, in collaboration with Knoxville designers, Kelly Jones (Shadow Oak Maille) and Diane Corey (KC Leatherwerks). I approached Kelly and Diane in November 2013 about some ideas for some interesting, artistic and high fashion looks; they immediately expressed their interest and I knew from working with them in the past that whatever looks they designed would be absolutely amazing in front of the camera. Three months later, our collaboration came to life with twelve models (nine males and three females) styled in looks that ranged from steampunk to futuristic to the designers' specialities of leather and chainmaille. Our shoot also included hairstyling by Mackenzie Lane Knisley of Aveda Institute in Nashville, and make-up artistry and body art by Missy Young (Make-Up Artistry by Missy), Rubi Dae, and Ashley McClanahan (Makeup by Ash Mac). I also received some lighting assistance from my friend and co-worker, Lennie Robertson, as well as lighting advice and set-up from local photographer and studio owner, Dave Moore.

Here's a sneak peek from our shoot, and stay tuned for more photos from the shoot...

Models: Connor G., Billy M., Eric C.

Model: Billy M.

Model: Connor G.

Model: Derek Y.

Model: Jared M.

Model: John T.
Model: Tyler M.

Model: Anas D.

Model: Chase K.

Model: Eric C.

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