Monday, August 11, 2014

The Mermaid Collection - Preview

   Check out a sneak peek of "The Mermaid Collection" by 6:12 Photography by Eric McKinney
   The beautiful and unique mermaid tails (and our merman's tail) were provided by Eric Ducharme, designer and owner of The Mertailor in Crystal River, Florida. The Mertailor provides both custom and pre-made mermaid and merman tails for clientele all over the world. Each tail is one-of-a-kind, made from the highest quality materials to create an appearance that will make anyone do a double take and question the existence of these mythical creatures. 

   As the owner of The Mertailor, Eric Ducharme has been creating mermaid tails since he was just a kid. What began as mermaid tails made from garbage bags, masking tape and the sheets off his own bed eventually turned into tails sewn by hand with a needle and thread. He was only 14 when he began filling orders for his tail designs. Today, Eric is creating his tails out of silicone, urethanes and latex rubbers, and his clientele includes Lady Gaga, Target, Saturday Night Live, Walt Disney studios, and Pirates of the Caribbean
   It was a true honor to collaborate with Eric for an opportunity to shoot with some of his incredible Mertailor designs. No matter where my shoots took place with these tails, we were constantly surrounded by crowds wanting to watch the shoot and inquire about how my "mermaids" were possible. Huge thanks to Eric and The Mertailor for making this collection possible, and specials to makeup artist Missy Young and all of the models as well. You can ask any of the models (or the helping hands at each shoot), being a mermaid isn't an easy task. 
   Here's the first look at 6:12's "The Mermaid Collection." 

Mermaid: Eryn C.
Mermaid: McKenzie M.
Mermaid: Christina A.
Mermaid: Rachel S.
Mermaid: Alex S.

Mermaid: Hilary M.

   To learn more about these unique mermaid tails and the Mertailor who designs them, check out the Mertailor Mermaid Tails By Eric Ducharme on FB at and The Mertailor's website at And don't miss The Mertailor's designs featured on Shark Week, this week on the Discovery Channel USA.

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