Thursday, November 20, 2014

6:12 Cover Reveal - "Mistletoe & Kisses" by Author Lisa Survillas

   6:12 Photography is excited about partnering with author Lisa Survillas to provide the cover image for her new novel in the Christmas anthology, Mistletoe & Kisses. The cover image from 6:12 features models, McKenzie McDaniel and Exclusive 6:12 Model Will Sims in a warm romantic embrace. The shoot took place in Jefferson City, Tennessee. The anthology Mistletoe & Kisses also includes novels by authors Jennifer Benson, Rebecca Brooke, Danielle Jamie, Jade C. Jamison and Brandace Morrow.

   Here's a brief interview with author Lisa Survillas to get the scoop behind the Christmas anthology and her novel Wrap Me In Your Love:

6:12 Photography : What can readers expect from the Christmas anthology? 

Lisa Survillas : The best thing about anthologies is that you get a variety of stories. This is full of contemporary romance, but even though they're all in the same genre, there are still plenty of unique qualities to each story. Jade's, for example, is a rocker story and is part of a popular series she has out.  

6:12 :  Love the name of the anthology, Mistletoe & Kisses is a nice touch. Does it relate specifically to any of the stories?

LS: The title isn't specific to any story, but more of a way to wrap them all together. They're all romance stories, so there's kissing... and hopefully lots of it. The mistletoe was a creative way to let the readers know it's a holiday anthology.

6:12 : Tell me about picking the cover models for this anthology. 

LS: Picking models for a single story is difficult enough, but when I was presented with different model choices for this anthology I was trying to pick models that were unique and yet still universal. McKenzie's hair is amazing; it really draws your attention to her. That along with her coloring is breathtaking! Will is gorgeous; he's clean-cut, but versatile. So he is believable as many types of male lead characters and that was extremely important for a cover that would include so many different characters. 

6:12 : What is the one statement that you wanted this cover to convey about your anthology?

LS: Love. It's always love. And you captured that perfectly with these two; they have fabulous chemistry. 

6:12 : So now that we know about the anthology, tell me a little more about you, Lisa. Where's home for you and where does your passion as an author come from?

LS: I'm a Southern California author, born and raised here. I'm just shy of a year as a published author and the journey has been amazing. This industry has so many talented and genuine people that it's easy to bond and connect. As far as my passion, I've always loved to read and write, but never really had the time to do anything like that. It wasn't until my kids got a little older and I could think about things for myself that I truly believed I could give it a shot. 

6:12 : So why the Christmas anthology? Is that your favorite time of year?

LS: I love the holidays, but this was more for the timing of it. The first two weeks profits are going to a charity called Legacy X. You can check them out at 

   If you're interested in picking up a copy of Mistletoe & Kisses, you can order your copy for a limited time on Amazon at this link:

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