Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year in Review: Top Photo Shoots of 2015

2015 has been a strong year for 6:12 Photography and photographer, Eric McKinney. It's the second year that I've been blessed to be able to call photography my full-time job, and I've enjoyed each and every opportunity to be behind the lens.
   One of the highlights of this year was teaming up with the talented makeup artist, Missy Young to take on new and even more creative concepts for our photo shoots. In addition to working together on photo shoots, Missy asked me to partner with her in creating a high fashion runway event in our local community --- "WERK the RUNWAY." After two successful cycles of the event, we've managed to involve designers from all over, including Charles Josef in Asheville, Victoria Wilmoth in Atlanta, Marian Gibson in Charleston, and Paulie Gibson from St. Louis who has been featured on hit tv series America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 and in Los Angeles Fashion Week.
   As well as partnering together for WERK the RUNWAY, Missy and I decided to open up our own modeling agency, 6:12 Model Management so that we could continue to focus on managing and developing the models that we work with so frequently.
   2015 was filled with travel and opportunity. I've worked with models in cities all over the country, including Asheville, Cincinnati, New York City and Miami. I've connected with agencies like Silver Model Management (the leading fitness model agency in the country) and NEXT Models (the leading modeling agency in the world).
   Here's a look back at some of the Top Photos and photo shoots from 2015, chosen by the fans and followers of 6:12...

Jonathan C. with 6:12 Model Management

The "Once Upon A Time" Collection with MUA Missy Young
Model: Eryn C.

Austin W. with 6:12 Model Management

Audrey R. with 6:12 Model Management

Haley B. with 6:12 Model Management

The Couples Portrait Shoot-Out with MUA Missy Young
Models: Taylor M., Jonathan C., Daniel D., Kristen C., Kelsea L. & Tanner B.

Darian H. 

The American Horror Story-inspired Halloween Shoot with MUA Missy Young
Models: Michael Y. & Haley B. with 6:12 Model Management

 Taylor M. with 6:12 Model Management

Josh Y.

Kristen C. with 6:12 Model Management

Kegan W.

Dave W. with Silver Model Management

Frankie B. with Silver Model Management

Ryszard C. with Silver Model Management

Meghan S. & Justin H. with Silver Model Management

"The Return of the Hood"
Robert T. with Silver Model Management 

Bryan B. with Silver Model Management

Michael J. with Silver Model Management

The Charles Josef Bridal/Menswear Collection
with designer Charles Josef and models, Haley B. & Michael Y. 

Zack H. with Silver Model Management

Dustin M. with NEXT Models Miami
from America's Next Top Model Cycle 22

 Eric C.

Claudia L. with NEXT Models Miami

Lori C.
"Watching through windows, you're wondering if I'm okay..."

WERK the RUNWAY: Cycle 2
hosted by MUA Missy Young & 6:12 Photography
"7 Deadly Sins: Kicked Out of Eden" Finale
Models: Eryn C. & Tanner B.

Kelsi A. & Derek P. with Silver Model Management

 Michael Y. with 6:12 Model Management

Jon S. with 6:12 Model Management

Happy New Year from 6:12Photography, 

wishing you a blessed 2016 full of hope, promise and new photos to be made!!!

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