Saturday, June 21, 2014

6:12 Greek Mythology Series: The Missy Young Collection - Preview

Here's a preview from my second shoot of the 6:12 Greek Mythology Series that will continue throughout the summer. This collection focused on using makeup art to bring the goddesses and creatures of Greek Mythology to life. All of the hairstyling and makeup artistry was provided by Missy Young.

"ATHENA, Goddess of War"
Model: Hilary M.

Behind-the-Scenes with 6:12 Photography and "Dionysus"

"DIONYSUS, God of Grapes, Wine & Ecstasy"
Model: John T.

MUA Missy Young behind-the-scenes with "The Minotaur"

Model: Ryan R.

MUA Missy Young behind-the-scenes with "Eros"
"EROS, God of Love, Passion & Desire"
Model: Drew C.

Model: McKenzie M.

"HERMES, Messenger of the Gods"
Model: Will Sims

Model: Taylor M.

   Stay tuned for more photos from the Missy Young Collection and for other shoots from the 6:12 Greek Mythology series that is taking place all summer long.
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