Thursday, June 12, 2014

6:12 Photography's 29 Best Travel Photos

Since June 12th is a special day for 6:12 Photography and it's owner, Eric McKinney, I've decided to post something a little unique in honor of the roots of 6:12. Although photography has always been an interest, my passion for photography really peaked during my college years at Carson-Newman College when I was able to travel abroad during the summers. After my travels to places like Europe, China, Japan, Southern Africa and Egypt, I would return home with thousands of photos that documented each day and each place I visited along my trips. Through those travel portraits, I started to hear comments like "Wow, you have a gift with photography" and "You should do this full-time." Ironically, at the time, I never dreamed that photography could be a full-time career or that I could spend each day doing something that I loved and enjoyed.

That said, since 6:12 Photography originated with these compliments on my travel photography, I am posting 29 of my favorite travel photographs. Enjoy!

#29: Great Wall, outside of Beijing, China

#28: Elephant at Kapama Private Reserve, South Africa

#27: Temple of Zeus (with Parthenon in the background) in Athens, Greece

#26: Guardian Statue at Lama Temple, Beijing, China
#25: Tang Dynasty Dinner Show in Xian, China

#24: The Cape Peninsula in Southern Africa

#23: Chinese Lantern in Shanghai, China
#22: The Duomo in Florence, Italy

#21: David Replica in Florence, Italy
#20: Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France
#19: The Eye of the Great White in Gansbaii, South Africa
(taken with disposable underwater camera while cage driving)

#18: The Ancient Great Pyramids with modern city of Cairo in the background

#17: The Mosque of Muhammad Ali in Cairo, Egypt

#16: The young face of King Tutankhamun at the Luxor Temple in Luxor, Egypt

#15: A pod of hippos at Chobe National Reserve in Botswana

#14: A Prayer Rock on Mount Tai Shan in China

#13: Big Ben in London, England
#12: The Parliament Building in London, England

#11: The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
#10: Resting Gargoyle on the rooftops of Notre Dame in Paris, France

#9: Winged Victory at the Louvre in Paris, France

#8: Bridge of Angels in Rome, Italy

#7: Zebra at Kapama Private Reserve in South Africa

#6: Tokyo, Japan

#5: Roman Arch in Naxos, Greece

#4: Sunset in the Cyclades in the Greek Isles, Greece
#3: Gondolas in Venice, Italy
#2: St. Marc's Square in Venice, Italy
#1: Perseus and the Head of Medusa in Florence, Italy

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